Causes of Clogged Drain Shower in Clackamas

The clogged bathtub and shower drain is a common issue that everyone faces at some point in time. However, unlike other plumbing issues that can occur suddenly.

This issue occurs gradually over time, mainly due to materials’ build-up. Some common causes of clogged drain shower Clackamas and bathtub are below.

clogged drain shower Clackamas

Scum From Soap

A common cause of clogging is soap scum. The soap scum gets collected over time and blocks the pipe.


The most common clogs in the bathtub and shower are the hair. During bathing and showering, your hair goes down the drain and somehow gets stuck to the sides of the pipe and built up over time.


Coming home after a long time and getting a shower or having a bath in the bathtub results in collecting the dirt and debris in the drain. Gradually this leads to the blockage of the drain.

Hard Water:

Hard water usually contains many minerals, although it is not visible to naked eyes. Those minerals, along with the hair and other debris, get collected over time and block the pipe.

To Sum It Up

Clogging, wherever it occurs, is very troublesome and hard to clear. Although it is impossible to avoid all the dirt, debris, and other clogging, we should be aware of the factors that may lead to the clogging. These common clogs may also lead to clog drain in bathtub Clackamas.