Tool List for Professional Drain Cleaner in Clackamas

Whenever you hire professional plumbers, you see a range of tools with them. Professional drain cleaner Clackamas have great expertise on the tools they use.

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Tools They Use


For removing and tightening nuts and bolts, the plumbers mainly use wrenches. There are various wrenches the plumbers use. The wrenches are of a variety of sizes. The standard wrenches are pipe wrenches, basin wrenches, faucet keys, adjustable wrenches, and many more.


For performing various works in pipes, the plumbers use different tools. The standard tools for pipe works are a hacksaw, pipe cutters, plumber’s torch, sealing tapes, pliers, and there are lots on the list.

Clogs Clearing

Clearing clog is an essential task in plumbing, and the plumbers need to have the right tools for this purpose. The plumbers mainly use hand and motorized augers, plungers, snake machines, and hydro jets. With these tools in hand, the plumber can clear out any clog in the pipe with excellent efficiency.

Safety Equipment

The plumbers’ safety equipment is mainly gloves, heat shields, and goggles. These tools protect them from all the harmful substances present in the drains

To Sum It Up

The plumbers who are one of the best drain cleaners Clackamas use all kinds of tools, and they have great expertise in using these.