Solutions for Clogged Shower Drain Standing Water in Tigard

A Common Problem in Every Household


One of the most common issues in most bathrooms is clogging the shower drains. The shower drain standing water Tigard may be due to soap, hair, or any particles that refuse to pass through the net of the shower drains.

shower drain standing water Tigard

It results in blockage of the drains, and hence the water in your bathroom runs down slowly. It is a very frustrating issue as you will see that after taking a bath, your legs are still dirty due to the slow draining of the water. Following are some of the ways by which you can clear clogged drains


Remove the Clog by Hand 


If you find that your shower drain has a clog and the reason for the clog is visible, try to clear it with your hand. You can use gloves or plastic to do the same. However, please do not use a wire coat hanger to damage the shower drain.


Use Boiling Water


If you do not see any visible items but there is still a clog, the problem may be in the pipe connected to your shower drain. The best possible way is to pour boiling water through the tube. It will dissolve anything stuck and again allow the free flow of water.


Use A Natural Drain Cleaner


It will be best to use a natural drain cleaner than a chemical one as it can destroy your bathroom’s pipe and the flooring. For best results, use vinegar with baking soda to clean drains.