Directional Bore Sewer Line in Battle Ground

Directional boring is a no-dig construction method used to install underground conduits, piping, and cables through a predetermined bore path using ground-launched drilling gear.

This technique is regarded as a low impact and is now primarily preferred over any other traditional pipe installation technique.

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Directional boring is a safe method as it doesn’t require any excavation. This technique is best suited for those areas where minimum disturbance to the coverage areas is necessary.

Directional boring is also known as directional drilling or Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD). If you need to install a new water line, you should search for a Directional bore sewer line near me Battle Ground.

Directional drilling gets its name because the drill bit is controllable from a remote location. We can easily track and adjust the bore path through a supervision console at the ground surface by installing a transmitter near the drill bit.

The Process We Follow to Install the New Pipeline

Directional boring is mainly done in three stages:

  • Firstly, a small pilot hole summarizes the predetermined bore path.
  • Secondly, the help of a significant diameter bit known as a reamer is used to enlarge the gap to the required diameter.
  • Finally, when the hole is large enough to fit the pipe, the pipeline is pulled via the enlarged hole for a consecutive pipe fraction spanning the entry and exit holes.


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