Solution for Clogged Main Sewer Line in Battle Ground

When a pipeline gets clogged, you should not ignore it and contact a professional plumber as soon as possible. However, if it is the main sewer line clog Battle Ground, it becomes an emergency, and you cannot get over it without a plumber’s help.

main sewer line clog Battle Ground

When the mainline starts to back up water and fills your house with sewage water, it is usual for anyone to become anxious and stressed out. We are the professional and experienced main line cleaner Battle Ground Company to help you repair mainline blockage anywhere in Battle Ground.

Signs of a Sewer Line Clog

If your mainline gets clogged, you will start noticing that your house is filling up with sewage water as water back up from random places of your home. Such as, when you run your washing machine, your sink will start to overflow. Water will back up from the bathtub or shower drain when you flush the toilet. These are the clear signs of a main sewer line clog.

What Should You Do in This Situation

  • Clean the area
  • Don’t use any chemical or drain cleaner
  • Don’t use further water
  • Call a plumber

Causes of Sewer Line Clog

  • Tree roots
  • Old or weak sewer lines
  • Foreign objects
  • Plumbing connections
  • Fats, oils, and grease
  • Corroded pipe.


This situation is tough to handle for any homeowner. Don’t be so panicked; get in touch with us. We will visit your house, inspect the damaged area thoroughly, and repair it that will last for many years.