No Dig Sewer Line Repair and Replacement in Battle Ground

Sewer line damage or clog is the most common issue most house owners face in Battleground. The problem arises more if it is not repaired and left to expand over time. When a pipeline is fully exploding, that leads to significant destruction to your property.

no dig sewer repair Battle Ground

In this situation in earlier days or a few years ago, you have to follow the traditional methods of repairing the sewer line that is trench repair. But in this modern era, we don’t use those time-consuming methods. Our new method of fixing is the no-dig solution.

No Dig Sewer Repair Technology

The no dig sewer line replacement Battle Ground technology was introduced approximately ten years ago. This technology has changed the repairing process of the sewer line. From clearing clogs to new drain installation and replacing the sewer line, there is only one solution and one method that is no dig repairing. In addition, this technology provides some advantages like:

  • Omit groundwater infiltration.
  • Excludes sinkholes due to water leaking from the sewer line.
  • Rebuilds the cracked and hazardous pipes.
  • Stops tree root growth inside the pipelines.
  • It gives the advantage of repairing the entire sewer line from one foot.

The Process that We Follow to Repair Sewer Line

We use the no dig sewer repair Battle Ground process to avoid excavation pressure. Instead, using a resin sprinkled fiberglass liner wrapped around a bladder; we pull or push it inside the pipe. Then we expand it by using air pressure to cover the damaged area. This cost-effective process of repairing the line will rebuild the existing pipe system that will last for many years, and we guarantee it.

Digging up your property can be very costly and leads to severe damage. Therefore, the no-dig repair process is best as it has many advantages, as mentioned above.