Best Pipe Lining Services in Battle Ground

Sewer pipe lining is a process that is used for repairing and replacing the damaged, clogged, and backed-up sewer lines—using a trenchless process of improving to avoid excavation, digging up trees, and sidewalk wreckage.

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Sewer lining comprises inserting a new epoxy rinsed pipe tubing into the standing pipes, steam or Bluelight LED technology, enhancing the tubing and alleviating it with some hot water.

This concludes with a new seal lining the existing pipe wall and replacing the cracked pipes, likely to last for decades.

How Does Pipe Lining Works?

The trenchless pipe lining method comprises of following steps:

  • Camera inspection – our plumbers will visit your place and inspect the damaged area with a camera to confirm the position of breaks and the issue causing the damage.
  • Cleaning existing pipes – Using pipe cleaner near me Battleground, all the dirt, junk, and other blockages are removed from inside the pipeline.
  • Tube replacement – The replaced tube is generally a felt tube made of polyester, fiberglass, or similar substances.
  • Curing of tubing – This is the thing that creates a new seal. Using popular techniques like hot air or blue light LED, all the moisture is drawn out from the pipes to solidify the line.

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