The Need for Septic Tank Cleaning Services Battle Ground

What Is a Septic Tank?

A septic tank is an underground chamber made of different materials like concrete, fiberglass, or plastic. Through this, domestic wastewater flows for basic treatment.

septic tank cleaning services Battle Ground

How to Understand It’s Time to Clean Your Septic Tank?

  • Drains Are Taking Forever: It takes longer than usual when you flush the toilet; your drains are moving slowly.
  • Sluggish drains: After using a septic-friendly drain cleaner, if the problem continues, chances are your septic tank is full.
  • Standing Water Over Your Septic Tank: Pooling of water is a sign that your septic tank needs to be pumped.
  • Bad Smells Coming From Yard: Check if foul odors coming from your yard, specifically your drain field. If you do get a sewage smell, give a call for septic tank cleaning services Battle Ground.
  • Backflow of waste: When your waste is struggling to drain away from home or if it gets way out of your home, it might come up through the toilet or sinks.

One can clean their septic tank himself, but taking help from a professional is recommended because it can damage your tank if done incorrectly. So, septic tank cleaning services in Battle Ground have the solution for the professional help you need. For further information contact us.