Solve the Garbage Disposal Clog in Clackamas

If you have an issue with clogged drains, it is not fun. It will mess your house with the foul smell and wastewater overflowing.

garbage disposal clog Clackamas

The reason is that you did not take care of your garbage disposal. As a result, the waste materials, grease, and oil get stuck in the garbage disposal, causing a clog.

Therefore, whenever you see a garbage disposal clog Clackamas,  you must clean it as soon as possible; otherwise, you must replace the entire unit. Unfortunately, it means that you have to bear the extra expenses.

Steps to Remove Clogs

However, there are specific steps to clean your garbage disposal without draining Clackamas.

  • While cleaning the garbage disposal, you must make sure that you turn off the power; else, your hand may get stuck in it, causing severe injury.
  • Once you turn off the power, make a thorough inspection of the garbage disposal to examine the waste materials that are clogging it. You can use tongs to remove the waste materials or with your hand.
  • You can even use a sink plunger if the clog is severe. It will ensure that the waste materials are removed.

If you still feel that the garbage disposal is not working smoothly, you must call for a professional who will ward off your distress.