How Do Professional Plumbers Use Hydro Jetting Clackamas?

The plumbers use various types of equipment to work. The most important are the hydro jets, drains-snakes, and the air-busting cleaners.

Among all these, hydro jets are the most effective for clearing blockages. They also have to perform excavation when needed.

hydro jetting Clackamas

What is Hydro Jetting?

When there is clogging in the drains, the plumbers either use augers or hydro jets for clearing the blockages. The drain augers are very classic. Hence the plumbers prefer hydro jetting Clackamas. The hydro-jets are modern and very innovative.

The hydro–jetting process uses high-pressure water to scour the interior of the pipes. The high-pressure water clears out all the blockages like scales, oils, debris, and many more substances clogging the pipe. Hence, the plumbers can clear debris with this method.

When Do the Plumbers Perform Excavation?

The plumbers perform excavation when there is poor soil condition which causes problems with the sewer lines.

They can also perform excavation when there are blockages due to tree roots which they need to cut down. In case of replacing the old pipes, they can do excavation Clackamas.

To Sum It Up

When it comes to inspecting an area and fixing the problems arising, plumbing excavations are necessary. The tools they use after excavation to resolve the issue are also of great importance.