Clean Drainage Pipe: Simple Remedy to deal with Drain Clogging

When it comes to drain clogs, we are well aware of how difficult they can pose. Other than that, it would be best if you also made sure to get rid of these problems. You know the correct remedy.

clean drainage pipe

Honestly, it is not possible to call for a drain cleaning service every time your drain overflows, and hence we have decided to come up with something that will help you deal with the drain clogging at home itself. So here are some of the suggestions that you can apply when your drains get clogged.

The Do’s and Don’ts

If you want a clean drainage pipe, then you have to follow some house rules. Other than that, home drainage cleaning also has specific rules. We will try to keep this as simple as possible so that it doesn’t become too hectic regularly.

  1. Awareness – we will start with an essential thing. If you are concerned about your drain getting clogged, then it is high time you become conscious about what you are putting in your drain. A continuous habit of throwing all the waste will worsen the situation, and eventually, home drainage cleaning will not make any difference.
  2. Stop Using Havoc Chemicals – If you are putting in a lot of drainage cleaning chemicals, then you should stop at once because these drain cleaners not only affect the drains, but they can also lead to the wearing of your pipes, causing havoc damage. This will also show you to change the lines because of that vigorous use of chemical cleaners.
  3. Use Hot Water – The most effective way of dealing with clogs is pouring hot water whenever you see your drain backwater. Hot water is very effective because they make a mush of the clogs and ultimately melts them. However, you have to make sure that you pour the hot water regularly to keep the clogs in check.
  4. Toilet Plunger – the toilet plunger is a tool that can help you to clear the clogs by yourself. The only thing you need to do is block any other connected drain so that the clogs do not get any chance to pop up from that opening and then plunge the toilet plunger in the bathtub and then continuously plunge up and down for a reasonable amount of time. However, as a disclaimer, if the pipes of your house are not in excellent condition, you should not try this.
  5. Drain Strainers – if you have a child in your house, it is probably safe to get a filter so that anything and everything does not go in that drain. Drain strainers are an effective way to filter out unwanted particles that can somewhat allow you to be careless. However, always remember to change your drain strainers. Else the strainer will break and clog the drain itself.


These are the things that you can follow if you want clean drainage pipes. If you follow these at your convenience, then you will ultimately get a clean, sanitary drainage and sewage system and will automatically stop the risk of exposing yourself to unwanted health issues.