Clean Kitchen Drain in Washington

For every house, the kitchen is an important part. We cook food, wash dishes and keep all the necessary items for cooking in the kitchen. Hence keeping the kitchen and drains attached to the kitchen clean is necessary.

clean kitchen drain in washington

But there are times we can find that the kitchen drains get clogged. To get rid of this, we need a professional plumber to clean kitchen drain in Washington.

Tools and Ingredients the Plumbers May Use

A plumber uses various tools for cleaning the kitchen sink. Some of them are plunger, drain snake, and sometimes an old toothbrush. The ingredients they use are baking soda and hot water. These are necessary items to clear the drain.

How Do They Clean It?

A plumber may follow these steps to clean the kitchen drain.

They first try to plunge the kitchen with a plunger to examine whether the pressure and suction can clear the blockage.

They sometimes can use baking soda to clean drains for breaking down the blockages. Due to the alkali nature of baking soda, it may help to break the strain and lift grime.

Again they make sure whether the water is off, as this may result in leakages, and also they keep a bowl and towel for collecting any stagnant water. After removing the traps, they manually clean the sink drains with hot water and scrub them with an old toothbrush.

For clearing blockages that may present further down, they can also drain snakes. Finally, after clearing all the things, they disinfect the surface before leaving.

They also securely attach the pipes back together before turning on the water and check for leaks if present.

To Sum It Up

We should keep the blockages in the kitchen clean and not pour fat and greasy materials into the kitchen sink. It may result in blockages in the main sewer lines. To clear drain in Washington, we should take the necessary steps and call for a professional plumber.