Best Way to Unclog the Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sinks are clogged due to the food. Over time you pour so many things in the sink that cause a clog. If you are experiencing the water taking a long time to drain compared to normal days, you need to clean the kitchen drain.

clean the kitchen drain

In some cases, you may smell a funky smell or bad odor too. But wait before that you should know the tools which are used and how to use them!

Ways to Unclog the Drain

Remove the Clog by Hand:

If you feel that you can do this without the help of a plumber and any tool, then yes, you can go for it. Take a torch and clean the surfaces near the clogged surface. You should put the pair of rubber gloves before putting your hand into the sink to clear kitchen drain!

Use a Plunger:

If you have a double sink in your kitchen, you have to use a plunger. To use this, you need to place it over the clogged drain and establish a strong seal! Next, plunge the drain and once you are done, remove this! Repeat the process if needed.

Use Boiled Water:

A clogged kitchen sink could be solved by using boiled water. Boil water in the gas and then pour this down on the clog carefully to break the clog.

Use a Natural Drain Cleaner:

Conventional drain cleaners are made with harmful chemicals. The natural remedy to clean the clog is vinegar and baking soda. This is the effective solution that will unclog and clear drain!

Final Words

So, if your sink is filled with debris and garbage, you need to unclog or clean kitchen drain! Besides this, you can try some more methods, or you can call a plumber!