Professional Cleaning Out Plumbing and Common Drain Clogs

The most plentiful natural source, water, is so abundant that we rarely think about it. We rarely think about it until we face problems with water. One of the biggest problems in every household of water is drain clogging or blocking.

cleaning out plumbing

To get rid of the drain blocking, we need to take the aid of a professional drain plumber. The most common drain clogs the professional plumbers need to clear for cleaning out plumbing are as follows.

  • Hairs – Hairs and animal furs are the main reason for clogged drains in bathrooms. We can find the knotted hairs combining with other substances like the soaps and grease in the drains, which causes drain blockages.
  • Soap – The soap residue which builds up over time can also cause blockages in drains. Thus the diameter of the pipe reduces due to the soap scum causing slow water drainage and backups.
  • Tree Roots – Trees are also responsible for blockages. They seek moisture, and the drain lines are the perfect place for it. Even a tiny crack can cause the tree roots to move towards the drain pipes. Inside those pipes, these roots grow more prominent and stop the flow of water.
  • Food waste – Food wastes are also one of the significant causes of drain blockages. These wastes are responsible for clogging the kitchen sinks.
  • Grease and oil – Grease, fat, and oil solidify over time and thus causing severe problems to drainage systems.

Tools Used by the Plumbers

The plumbing drain cleaning requires various tools, and each tool is necessary for cleaning the critical area. Here are some of the tools these professionals use for their work.

Pipe Inspection

Pipe inspection helps the drain plumber in identifying how the water is running in the house. Most of the plumbers conduct this inspection and get the places required for repairs and leaks.


The plungers help unclog the toilets. The plumbers can also use the plumbers for clearing light clogs in sinks and showers.

Pipe Cameras

The plumbers can examine the improper installations and the leaks from the external view of the pipes. However, the unclogging drains require internal views, so the plumbers sometimes use pipe cameras for examining.

Drain Augers

For plumbing drain cleaning, the plumbers also use a tool similar to the drain snake, drain auger. These help clear the larger pipes like those of the toilet or shower.

Drain Snakes

The manual drain snake is a long cable with an ending resembling a corkscrew. The cable comes with a handle which the plumbers use for cranking the cable through the drain.

The motorized drain snakes use the same principle as the manual ones; however, these help clean the bigger pipes with more giant clogs.

There are also hair snake tools specializing in removing the hairs of the drains, which are causing clogs in the drain.

Cable Cleaning

The plumbers use cable cleaning for both small and large jobs in plumbing. These machines also use a spinning blade at the end of the cable for cutting through the clogs. In addition, these blades will also help in scraping the residues that build upon the pipes.

Sectional cable cleaners also utilize multiple numbers of cables and can be around 15 feet in length. The plumbers often prefer these cables and are very safe to use. The benefit of using the shorter cables is that the plumbers can easily replace them when there are kinks or breaks.

To Sum It Up

Drain cleaning is one of the essential works for keeping proper hygiene in the home. The professional plumbers from various companies aid the cleanout plumbing and help keep us safe.