How Do You Clear the Clogged Drain in Washington?

Drains are one of the most wonderful features; they can have on their property. Whether they use the sink for washing their hands and food items or bathing in the tub, they can rest assured that the dirty water will go down the drains, and they never have to see those again.

clogged drain in washington

However, there are instances that the drains do not dispose of the dirty elements and sometimes may even come back out of the drains. The reason behind this is drain clogging. For getting aid in that, we need to contact a professional clogged drain cleaner in Washington.

Ways to Identify Clogging

There are very simple ways to identify clogged drains. If there are bubbles in the water that are draining or taking too long to drain or there are foul odors while draining, it all indicates a clogged drain.

Apart from fat, grease, hair, or other substances that we pour into the drains, these can also clog due to the enlargement of tree roots in the drain.

How do Plumbers Work?

The professional clogged drain cleaner uses various tools.

Camera Inspection

They use the tools for inspecting the nature of clog by a video snake camera system. These cameras help the plumbers with the right direction and best method for clearing the clog.

Cable Draining

Also known as motorized drain snakes, these are the powerful version of the manually operated drain snakes. It consists of a long metallic coil that goes down into the drain for reaching the obstruction below. Then the motor rotates the coil, and thus it breaks down the clog.

Hydro Jets

It is also an advantageous method. The plumbers use the high-pressure water for breaking down the clogs and drain them.

To Sum It Up

Drain cleaning is necessary to keep the uninterrupted service of water drainage. To help aid the cleaning of clogged drain in Washington, the professional plumbers help the citizens.