Tools Used by the Drain Cleaner for Main Line in Washington

The homeowners face the clogging of drains as one of the biggest problems. Fortunately, the best drain cleaner for main line in Washington used the right tools to clear the clogs.

drain cleaner for main line in washington

Camera for Inspection

After entering the home, the plumbers will likely conduct a came inspection for examining the nature of the clog. The plumbers mainly use these cameras for the internal view of the pipes. These also help them in identifying the necessary tools for unclogging the drains.


Plungers are very helpful in suctioning and releasing the stopped drain, thus getting the drainage working correctly.

Wire Brushes

The plumbers use these wire brushes after removing the blockages from the drain. They use these with water and soap.

Drain Snakes

The drain snakes plumbers use can be either manual or motorized. In the case of manual snakes, the plumber’s bed uses the crank for pushing the cable through the drain. The motorized one runs with a motor and has the same working principle as the manual snake. The plumbers use them in large drains.

Other tools may be drain augers, hydro-jet, hair snake, cables, and many more.

To Sum It Up

The drain cleaner for the mainline uses the right tools to clean the main sewer line and provide good service to the homeowners.