Garbage Disposal Clog

This is how you can unclog the garbage disposal clog at ho

We at NW Home Services LLC provide high-quality service in drain cleaning and in garbage disposal. So, generally, we use three basic tools that can clean a garbage disposal clog, and these are the snake, the plunger and auger, and a chemical drain cleaner.

The latter should be avoided due to the destruction of the environment from the use of chemicals and because this chemical is in such a form is toxic and dangerous when young children are around.

It is much safer to clear a clog using the first two tools and start with the plunger.

How to Use a Plunger During a Clog in Garbage Disposal?

If the water in the sink is clogged and does not drain at all, rather we prefer garbage disposal not draining; at that time, the first tool we would use when the machine is turned on is the plunger.

Seal the drain in the sink next to the sink you are working on so that the water does not push the plunger down.

This is How We Perform the Plugging Process?

We, at the very early step, put towels on the floor and around the sink as the water will flow everywhere during the flushing process.

Get some suction on the plunger at the bottom of the sink and pump the plunger down the drain, lift it and push it back down, so all of the water from the sink has fallen down the drain, and by doing this, we are able to free the watercourse that has created the garbage disposal clog.

Some of the water will drain, and not all of it, so instead of using a plunger, we use a snake sometimes. The plunger is more of a surface instrument, and the serpent lowers it, even into the wall where the drain needs to be emptied.

Therefore, we always prefer to start with the plunger as a best practice and garbage disposal not draining as it is much easier to use and maybe all that is needed.