Causes of the Clogged Shower Drain and Bathtub Drain Gresham

Having clogged drains in the shower and bathtub is very troublesome. Many things can block a shower drain and bathtub drain.

clogged drain shower Gresham

Causes of a Clogged Drain in the Shower

There are a lot of things that can cause clogged drain shower Gresham.


When combined with soap and other dirt, Hair clumps together and thus forms a troublesome clog. We can also find the hair attached to drains and pipes, thus making it very difficult to remove.


Soap bars generally contain grease and fat. The fat in the soap gets combined with various minerals present in water, thus forming a hard residue that becomes very difficult to remove.


Dirt, when built up, causes a lot of problems. Bathing causes the dirt to go through the drain lines.


Another thing that may cause clog is the stopper. If we have not fit the stopper correctly or somehow become stuck in a closed or semi-closed position, it may restrict water drainage.

Tree Roots

We often find that older pipes get cracked. This cracking and leaking attract root growth. If the roots reach the inside of our lines, it continues to grow larger and thus causing the clog.

To Sum It Up

Clogging is a troublesome problem wherever they occur. Unfortunately, we can also find clog drain in bathtub Gresham due to the same substances.