Sewer Video Inspection Services in Gresham

Sewer line damage is a common issue in every household. If your sewer line gets clogged or broken, then the sewer line needs to be replaced or repaired quickly.

sewer video inspection camera Gresham

You should always call a plumber to replace or repair the sewer line for this task. While the homeowner can do some maintenance tasks and drains cleaning.

The first step of fixing the sewer line is the Sewer video inspection Gresham.

By employing a sewer video inspection camera Gresham, you will be able to see where the problems are and easily find out the best process of repair, which will be faster and less costly. The video inspection process consists of the following steps:

  • All the images captured by the camera are transferred to another device operated by our camera technician. These images are required for further review.
  • Simultaneously, a radio transmitter on the camera records all the physical locations of the sewer line and its height from the surface; this helps to plan a proper repair process.

Once this video inspection process is done and it is determined that the sewer line needs to be repaired or replaced, you can choose a trenchless or dig-up repair method that fully depends on you.