Get the Directional Bore Sewer Line Services Near Lake Oswego

Horizontal directional drill, or directional boring, is a trenchless method of constructing utility lines such as pipes, conduits, and wires in a fairly shallow arc or radius following a predefined underground path using only surface-launched drilling equipment.

directional bore sewer line near me Lake Oswego

Traditional cut-and-cover pipeline and utility installation methods are significantly less environmentally friendly than directional bore water lines near me Lake Oswego. This method is frequently employed when conventional trench digging or excavation isn’t an option or when just low surface disturbance is needed.

Know More about Directional Boring

Directional Boring normally involves three stages. It is necessary to begin by drilling an extremely small pilot hole following an established directed path.

In order to make it easier to install the directional bore sewer line near me Lake Oswego, the diameter of the bore generated during piloting the whole drilling is increased.

This is completed by squeezing the pipeline into the expanded hole, leaving only the two initial ends exposed above ground.

Surface impediments like highways, railroads, swamps, and water bodies with various sizes and depths can be crossed with Directional Boring.


Several soil types can benefit from this method, from clay to sand to rock. Soils with high grain content, such as coarse gravel, cobbled streets, and boulders, can be difficult.

Subsurface characteristics that may affect the viability of HDD include high rock strength and abrasive, poor rock quality, and rocks with karst traits.