How Can You Find Clogging of Your Main Sewer Line?

A sewer system is an integral part of the house. It’s better to keep the sewer system clean, or there will be many problems and water blockages. Many things can fall and block the sewers, like the leaves, grease, plastic bags, rags, and other obstructions like tree roots.

main line cleaner

It is better to recognize the main sewer line blockages sooner, leading to very costly repairs. Signs which show you need a central sewer line cleaner.

  • Slow-moving or smells in water – To find the early signs of a sewer blockage, you need to check on the following water fixtures like toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and even showers. If one or more than one is slowly moving out of water or giving a foul smell, it’s probably because of the blockage in the waterline.
  • Stand in sewage – If you find sewage standing in the sewer cleanout of the home, you may have a blockage.  The sewer cleanout of most homes either lies just outside of the house or in the house’s basement. The plumbers can check on the sewer line through sewer cleanout.
  • Water coming out of floor drains – The blockage in the sewer line will lead the water forced out of the secondary drains. It leads to the smell and water coming out of the floor drains.
  • Water coming out of random places – If you notice that water is coming out from a random place due to the flush of water from one place, then there is a strong possibility of water blockage in sewers. Blocking in the sewer line means all the wastewater has nowhere to go but will be forced back up from other lines in the drain.

Methods of Sewer Cleaning

The sewer cleaning involves cleaning all these items from the sewer lines. The sewer lines carry water from the laterals connecting homes, offices, and other places. There are various methods of sewer pipe cleaning.

A professional main drain cleaner can use various methods for proper cleaning of the main drain line.

Using Hydraulic Methods

The plumbers can remove the blockage by the method of hydraulic clearing. Wherever they found the blockages, they inserted the nozzle and released water at high pressure, pushing the blockage towards the central sewer system. In case of blockage by gravel and debris, they use vacuum trucks that suck up the debris and dirt and then dispose of them into a landfill.

By Cabling

They also use drain snakes to remove the clog from the toilet, tubs and even sink. The other name for snaking is cabling. It involves inserting a long, thin, and flexible auger into the pipes of drainage. It also contains a metal coil that helps to twist and find the blockage effectively to remove them.

By Mechanical Methods

The main line cleaner can also use various mechanical methods like power rodders, hand-held drain augers, and even hand rods. They use these tools to cut, scrape and pull the debris out of the main pipes. This method is beneficial in shredding large blocks. However, mechanical operations are mainly helpful in cleaning blockages rather than clearing them.

By Implementing Chemical Methods

The plumbers also use various chemicals to control roots’ growth, cut through the grease, eliminate rodents, and even remove odors. However, they mainly use the chemicals approved by the local government for cleaning out the blockage in the sewer line.

To Sum It Up

The sewer lines are essential to every house, and it requires regular maintenance and proper cleaning. A professional main line drain cleaner will help you in every possible way to clean the sewer lines and keep the house in good hygiene.