Top Plumbers in Coos Bay Oregon

Plumbing is a serious profession, but that doesn’t mean it’s devoid of fun and interesting facts. Now and again, the plumbers in Coos Bay Oregon, would like to exhibit our lighter side. So here are some interesting facts about plumbing that you might not have known.

plumbers in coos bay oregon

What Are the Most Common Items Flushed Down the Toilet?

Children’s toys are still common clog-causing products, but cellphones are slowly gaining ground. So it might be a good idea to acquire that protection package the next time you upgrade, from phones falling out of pockets while in the bathroom to phones being used while in the bathroom.

Do You Know How Much Time You Spend In The Bathroom?

Although you may not spend your entire life in the bathroom, studies show that you spend at least three years of it there.

Drugs in The Water in Sewer Systems?

If you tested the water in sewer systems, you would almost certainly find many narcotics in the system. This is because 90% of all medications, including pain relievers, are eliminated in the urine.

The plumbers in Coos Bay Oregon, are always focused on treating your plumbing problems as if they were their own. However, we are aware of the amusing and creative aspects of plumbing concerns and the plumbing sector.