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It’s critical to winterize home plumbing before the cold sets in to avoid a visitation from the dreaded basement waterfall. That way, you won’t have to worry about a burst pipe during the holidays. And it doesn’t have to be a difficult procedure!

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Plumbers in Cottage Grove Oregon will first drain water from the outdoor faucets. Once the water is shut off, open the faucet to drain water from the pipes and hose. Next, roll up and store your hose indoors to keep it in good condition. Then, leave the faucet open so any water can flow out with ease.


Fiberglass covers, heat tape, and other forms of pipe insulation can help prevent freezing. This step is especially important for any pipes that will still carry water during winter.


Professional Plumbing Winterization


If you have a complicated plumbing system or want to be 100% sure that your pipes are perfectly protected for the winter, it may help to call a professional. That’s where the expert Plumbers in Cottage Grove Oregon, can help! 


Our experienced plumbing professionals can help keep your pipes safe and sound without the hassle. They will find the problem from the root and then fix it with great professionalism.