Find the Best Plumbers in Dalles Oregon Now!

A frozen or busted pipe might seriously disrupt your winter plans. On vacations, the last thing you want to be doing is fixing leaks or diverting a cascade.

However, as the weather cools, your plumbing system may freeze and crack, causing major and potentially expensive problems.

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The Plumbers in Dalles Oregon can provide a high range of services, including:

  • Emergency Services Available After Hours
  • Repair & Replacement of Water Heaters
  • Inspection & Repair of Sewers
  • Fixtures for the Bathroom and Kitchen
  • Re-Pipe for Low-Pressure Water

Here are a few suggestions for keeping home pipes in good working order over the winter:

Wrap Insulation Materials Around Pipes 

Sweaters make us feel better, and happily, they can also keep pipes warm! Plumbers in Dalles Oregon suggest that wrapping uncovered pipes in insulation material like warming tape or mineral wool can keep them from freezing and bursting.

Repair Any Leaks in and Around Your Home

There are draughty spots in many homes. However, if you have a lot of chilly blowing air near the plumbing system, this could be a problem. Keep home pipes from freezing by sealing unwanted air leaks near dryer vents, pipelines, or electrical wiring.


So, when the weather becomes so cold that you can heat your home by opening the fridge, you know it’s time to safeguard your plumbing!