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Outdoor plumbing should be turned off and drained. Your outside pipes are the ones that are most likely to freeze and burst.

Because most of us don’t use our outside spigots in the winter, it’s wise to turn off the water to the outdoor plumbing when the weather becomes chilly. Draining the pipes & putting your water hoses indoors is also a good idea.

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Maintain the Same Temperature Throughout the Day and Night

Many people tend to turn off their thermostat at night – after all, you’ll be warm and snuggled in your blankets regardless! However, temperatures are greatest at night, and all it takes is one exceptionally cold night to freeze your lines.

Open Cabinet Doors Near External Walls or Under Sinks

The Plumbers in Hermiston Oregon suggests that heat from within your house can leak through the cracks in your outside walls, making your pipes warm and pleasant.

The transmission of warmth from the home to its plumbing system can be aided by opening cupboard doors near outside walls.

The colder the home – and sewage system – becomes, the longer you keep the doors open. Plumbers in Hermiston Oregon, help keep the pipes near that huge portion of your house that might be protected by keeping the garage doors closed.