Oregon Plumbing: Solutions for Clogged Sewer Lines

Plumbing, in simple terms, is a system that conveys water for various applications. In the plumbing system, we can see various pipes, valves, tanks, and other apparatuses. The specific purposes of a plumbing system are removing waste, delivering potable water, and many others. The sewer lines are one of the most crucial plumbing systems in the entire home.

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The Common Clogs Faced by the Plumbers

There are many reasons for clogs. When developed in the sewage lines, the clogs can cause the sewage in the drains to back up from the drain. These can cause significant damage to the flooring, walls, and many appliances. There are various reasons that Oregon Plumbing faces clogs in the sewage line.

Clogs in Home

Whenever there is a clog in the home, the water tends to come out from somewhere else inside the home. The blockages can either develop gradually or suddenly. The blocking water causes damage to the line and thereby damages the whole system. The main clogging hazards include the bathroom’s waste, debris from food and kitchen, and grease poured into the drain.

Damaged Lines

The cracked or damaged sewer lines can show symptoms like those of the blocked ones, resulting in water backing up and even flooding the yard or basement. In addition, ground shifting, earthquakes, natural wear or tear, and many more can cause damage to the pipes.

Tree Roots

The large and small trees try to find water during the dry seasons underneath the soil to survive. Most of the time, the nearest water sources they can get are the sewer lines, especially when the lines are close to the trees. Unfortunately, the roots eventually penetrate the sewer line at the joints, causing major blockage and damage to the sewer line.

Sagging Sewer Lines

The sagging sewer lines happen over some time. The sagging in the pipe occurs when a section in the pipe sinks due to ground conditions. The lower spot in the sag started collecting wastes and thus causing a significant blockage.

Sanitary Main Blockage

The sewers don’t always come from your own home. Sometimes the sanitary mains in the city get clogged and can produce the same results caused due to clogs from your home. Though the plumbers often detect these blockages before the occurrence, they can occur occasionally.

Excessive Rainfall

The sewer lines can withstand a limit of rain and flooding. When the rains and flooding overmatched the limit, water tends to go somewhere else. Due to this, water often makes its way from the residential sewer lines, thus causing clogs and sewage backup.

Tools Used by the Plumbers in Oregon

The tools are handy, and without these, the plumbers cannot fix the plumbing issues. The main tools used by them are:

  • Snakes or drain augers: The plumbers use these tools to demolish obstruction in pipes by physical means.
  • Hydro-jetters: The hydro-jetters use high-pressure water for clearing the blockage in pipes.
  • Video inspections: The plumbers often use cameras to inspect the condition of the pipe before working.

To Sum It Up

Plumbing is a vital service that helps us get freshwater supply every day. Plumbing Oregon is one of the best and helps the homeowners in that area.