Tools Used in Advanced Plumbing in Portland

The plumbers need various plumbing tools for performing various operations, and each tool has its importance. The Advanced Plumbing in Portland plumbers use the best tools.

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Types of Equipment


There are two kinds of augers – hand-powered and motor-driven. Both types of augers have a long and flexible cable. The user fits the cable through the drain to open the clog. There is a corkscrew at the end, which helps cut the clog to extract from the drain. The main advantage behind the usage of this equipment is that it can remove the blockages which the chemical cleaners cannot remove.

Air Bust Cleaners

In air bust cleaners, the plumbers use air, carbon dioxide, and other gases for disintegrating or dislodging the clog. The chemical cleaners usually take a lot of time for clearing the blockages. Some units are very small and use built-in compressors for producing the initial burst of gas pressure. The plumbers can even use carbon dioxide cartridges.

Hydro-Jetting Cleaners

In the case of hydro-jet cleaners, the plumbers use a high-pressure water stream for cleaning the blockage. But, first, the plumber fits the pipe into the nozzle and discharges the high-pressure water to clear the blockage.

The plumbers also sometimes inspect the pipe by using tools for video inspecting.

To Sum It Up

The tools are handy to the plumbers, and they can perform their work without these tools. Plumbing Portland uses the best tools.