Causes Behind the Drain Garbage Disposal Clog in Ridgefield

You’ve just lost a few hours cleaning the entire surface in the bathroom and kitchen to a glowing clean shine. Yet as you explore more at your creation, you discover a puff of something bad-smelling. Have you forgotten to clean your drains? Are you looking for a Garbage disposal clog in Ridgefield?

garbage disposal clog Ridgefield

Causes of Garbage Disposal Clog

Regardless of all the cleaners and water which move via a bathroom or kitchen drain, they may still stink. There are many possible drain odor causes:

  • A blocked or clogged air vent: The drains in bathrooms are vented for giving a release outlet to the backflowing gases.
  • Odor-creating bacteria: There can be bacterial growth in drains that feed debris daily flushed pipes. These bacteria emit hydrogen sulfide gas which has a rotten eggs smell.
  • Clogged aerator: Towards the faucet end, you’ll find a small aerator or screen which catches debris from the water source, which might generate odor.
  • Dry P-trap: Pipes have a curved portion called P-trap below the sink. It is made for holing water for forming a seal among the gasses and odors of the sink drain and sewage lines.
  • Mold: A drain is wet, warm, dark, and is loaded with food for these molds, and a few of these mold colonies release a foul smell.
  • Garbage disposal or clogged pipe: Hindrance traps poor-smelling scrap in the drain.


After you’ve determined the viable odor cause, it is time for solving issues and cleaning drains. You can look for Garbage disposal not draining Ridgefield to remove odors with straightforward cleaning techniques; others need a professional plumber to eliminate the obstruction.