Sewer Line Repair and Replacement in Battle Ground WA

There are many causes for sewer line damage, from broken sewer lines in Battle Ground WA to clogged sewer pipes; here are some factors of sewer line issues:

  • Tree roots – It is the most common cause of sewer line damage. A tree’s roots follow streams of water as they rise. As sewer lines carry wastewater, roots are automatically fascinated by the water source, specifically when there is already a minor leak in the pipeline.
  • Rusty pipes – As pipes are made of steel and cast iron, that’s why they are galvanized to prohibit rust. These pipes are at high risk of rotting due to magnesium and calcium build-up from typical wear and tear. If rust is kept as it is without untreated, it can lead the pipe to cracks and leaks. That’s why cast iron sewer pipe replacement in Battle Ground WA is performed.

trenchless sewer repair Battle Ground WA

If you want sewer line repair in Battle Ground WA, you are offered two options: dig a trench around the broken sewer line. A trenchless sewer repair Battle Ground WA is cost-effective as we are the sewer line repair contractor at Battle Ground WA. We consider some elements such as time and cost.

Our plumbers utilize a video camera to penetrate the sewer line and approve repairs to begin the process. Therefore, one of two trenchless plumbing in Battle Ground WA repairs is generally recommended:

  • Pipelining – Sewer pipe repair in Battle Ground WA is done by pipelining when the damage of the sewer pipeline is minimal. It is used to put an inflatable pipe into the sewer line covered in epoxy.
  • Pipe busting – when a sewer line is extremely damaged or broken.

A more intrusive trenchless repair is performed for a sewer line replacement Battle Ground WA.  Plumbers inject a cone-shaped bit via the existing line for the cracked sewer pipe repair Battle Ground WA.

This process is less time effective, but the sewer line replacement cost Battle Ground WA is more expensive than the normal sewer pipe repair Battle Ground WA.