Unclogging Main Sewer Line in Washington

The sewer lines are a vital part of the house. It connects the septic system of the home to a standard line in a locality.

However, there are specific blockages in the sewer lines due to leaves, grease, plastic, and even roots. For unclogging main sewer line in Washington, we need to contract professional plumbers for their aid.

unclogging main sewer line in washington

How Can Plumbers Clean the Sewer Lines?

For unclogging the main sewer line, the plumbers use various methods.

Hydraulic Method

In this method, the plumbers use high-pressure water for breaking down and push out the clogs. They may also use specialized nozzles for various types of clogs.

Mechanical Method

The mechanical methods involve rodding and the use of bucket machines. They push the debris to clear the sewer clog. Bucket machines are suitable for larger sewer pipes.

Chemical Methods

They may also use various chemicals to remove the blockage. The biological products used as chemicals can contain enzymes and microorganisms that are very helpful in some sewer systems.

How to Prevent Kitchen Drain Clogs?

Hot water, baking soda, and vinegar can help clear minor blockages, but it is very time-consuming. For clearing kitchen clogged drain in Washington, the professional plumbers mainly use two methods.

Drain Snaking

It is one of the most common methods. The plumbers use an auger that will move through the debris in the given pipe. They may break up and flush the blockage down the line or pull the debris back from the pipe.

Hydro Jetting

Another method for clearing kitchen clogged drain is hydro jetting. They first inspect the pipe to understand whether the pipe can take the pressure or not. Then they use high-pressure water for breaking up the trapped debris in the drain.

To Sum It Up

Keeping the sewer and other drain lines clean is necessary for the uninterrupted use of water. Thus, it is necessary to check the drain lines regularly.