Tools Plumbers Use for Unclogging Main Sewer Line

At least every one of us at one point will experience a clogged drain. Clogged drains are mostly caused by food, dirt, soap, hair, etc., but this can cause many health issues and an unhygienic environment. It is suggested to hire a unclogging main sewer line expert in Portland to eliminate this problem. Here are some important tools that they will bring with you.

unclogging main sewer line

Things They Bring for Unclogging the Drain:

Pipe Inspection

 Most of the plumbers bring pipe inspection tools. Inspection of pipe shows that the water is running smoothly in your home. Therefore, it should be conducted at least once every two years for unclogging sewer lines. It also shares when it needs a repair.

Pipe Cameras

Improper pipe installation can also cause leakage or clog. Therefore, to get the external view of the pipe, they bring the pipe cameras, which also help for internal view. Through this, they determine where the problem arises from.


Plungers are mostly useful to unclog the toilets. If you are going through a minimal blockage in sinks and showers will help you. A plumber first attempts to unclog through this, but if he doesn’t succeed, he uses another tool for the kitchen clogged drain.

Manual Drain Snake

It looks similar to the cable that ends up with the corkscrew. Plumbers will first place this, and through this, they push the cable through the drain. A motorized drain snake is similar to this that is used to unclog the drains.

There are so many more tools that plumbers bring to unclog the kitchen drain. You don’t need to buy any of the tools when you hire expert plumbers!