Solution for Main Sewer Line Clog in Vancouver

What is the Main Sewer Line?

The main sewer line is the pipeline that takes all the water drainage out of one’s house, including sinks, bathtubs, and toilets. It’s a single line for everything, so it is the main line. A common problem in this is the mainline gets clogged.

main sewer line clog Vancouver

How to Know Your Main Sewer Line is Clogged?

  • Water backing up in random places. For example, when you flush the toilet.
  • Water will suddenly appear in your bathtub.
  • If you run your washing machine, your sink might start to overflow.
  • Foul odors from drainage sewage.
  • Gurgling sounds are coming from the bathtub, basins.
  • Low water pressure.

Mainline Cleaner

Mainline cleaner is a non-acidic formula intended to clear all obstructions’ main sewer lines and interior lateral or vertical lines. Contact the main line cleaner in Vancouver for the best services.

How to Use the Mainline Cleaner?

  • Wear safety goggles and long rubber gloves. It’ll protect from a possible eruption of Lye.
  • Allow backed-up water to drain out before using it.
  • The facilities should not be used for 7-8 hours to get their full utility.
  • This product should be used completely in one application.
  • After 8 hours, flush it with hot water for at least five minutes.

If the problem of the main sewer line clog in Vancouver continuesrepeat the steps or contact your nearest services.