Get the Professional Drain Cleaners in Vancouver

Nothing can slow you down as a clogged shower, tub, or slow draining sink does. So your first step to getting rid of these issues is plunging the drain or using a drain auger if you have any one of them to clear the drain line without damaging any pipes.

professional drain cleaner Vancouver

But if this method fails, then liquid drain cleaner can save you from calling a professional drain cleaner in Vancouver and keep you from the plumber’s fee.

Whether you face wholly clogged drains through which no water drains out, chemical or enzyme-based liquid solutions are very effective in unblocking or clearing the blocked drains.

Different drain cleaners have different formulations and utilization, and some of the chemical solutions have high risks, so you need to be careful while using them. That’s the reason you should call a plumber for this job. You need to contact us to get your drain line clear.

Different Types of Drain Cleaners

We use the best drain cleaners in Vancouver for cleaning every slow and clogged drain. Following are the three drain cleaners that we use:

  1. Enzymatic drain cleaners consist of enzyme-generating bacteria like bacillus to provide clogs. It is specially designed to prevent clogs by using it every month. It can also unclog the drains by removing soft materials like hair, paper, etc. But it cannot remove rigid materials like grease or soap lather. This cleaner takes twenty-four hours to clean the clogged line.
  2. Caustic drain cleaners are made with alkaline chemicals such as sodium hydroxide that convert the clogged substance in a drain into a material of soap that decomposes under plain water.
  3. Acidic drain cleaners are made of hydrochloric or sulfuric acid that is strong enough to clear heavy materials hair, grease, soap scum, or paper from the drain that causes a clogged drain line in just 15 minutes.