Try The Amazing Sewer Video Inspection Camera in Vancouver Now!

With such video sewer inspections from Express Sewer and Drain, you can determine what’s wrong with the sewer lines and how to continue.

sewer video inspection camera Vancouver

Video Sewer Pipe Inspection

A qualified expert will place a sophisticated video camera inside your sewer system and inspect it as follows:

  • A technician will utilize a cleanout port to access your sewer line. For properties without built-in installation sites, one must be created to insert the sewer video inspection camera Vancouver into the pipe. The technician will need to dig a tiny hole to access the pipe and make a simple hole inside the pipe for the camera.
  • The sewer camera is inserted into the pipe in the second phase. The technician may observe inside the pipe by using a fiber-optic line.
  • The CCTV operator can utilize the camera to see everything when it travels down the sewer from when it is introduced. During the process, Express Sewer and Drain plumbers can see if your pipes are cracked, slipped, or clogged with hair, grease, or even sustainable growth like tree roots. The footage is recorded to help diagnose sewer pipe concerns.
  • After the camera has traveled the distance of the valve, the footage is analyzed and recommendations made. A sewage camera may detect many pipe concerns. This sewer video inspection Vancouver is all done.

Food processing and handling facilities have particular sewer challenges. Sewer lines can clog owing to sludge or grease buildup.