How to Unclog Bathroom Sink in Vancouver?

Removing the stopper will vary depending on your shower or tub drain. Some are easy to screw off, and others require a screwdriver.

If you don’t feel comfortable removing it yourself or have any questions, one of our licensed plumbers would be happy to answer any questions or do it for you.

unclog bathroom sink Vancouver

For Bathroom Sink, Baking Soda can be used with 13 cups of baking soda, and 13 cups of vinegar combined to effectively remove blockages and filth unclog bathroom sink Vancouver. After an hour, flush it down using hot water.

No vinegar? 12 cup table salt + 12 cups baking soda to clean drains. For a forceful DIY compound to clean difficult build-up, pour it down a drain 15 minutes later. More natural ways to unclog the bathroom sink can be found here. Thus you can unclog bathtub drain in Vancouver.

Rusty Clogs on Shower Drains

  • Spilling a solution down a drain isn’t always enough. When synthetic or natural solutions fail, slithering the pipe is the last resort. Unclog shower drain Vancouver using these methods.
  • The springy clip to remove the stopper from the sink is underneath the sink. Then use a plumber’s snake or a bent wire hanger to remove any hair or other obstructions from your pipe. This depends on the severity of the blockage.

If your sink continues to malfunction, you may have a waste disposal problem. If your garbage disposal is broken, you’ll need the help of a plumber.