Milwaukee Drain Cleaning Experts in West Linn

Technology has advanced tremendously over the past few years. This is prominent even in the field of drain cleaning.

Plumbers and drain cleaners have nowadays, high skilled gadgets and equipment to enhance their work and make it faster.

milwaukee drain cleaning West Linn

Here in this article, we will talk about two such methods or gadgets used by Milwaukee drain cleaning West Linn for drain cleaning.


When a toilet, tub, or sink drain turns clogged, a not unusual device for eliminating the clogging is a drain snake. The joint, additionally called a harness, includes putting a long, thin, bendy auger into the drain pipe.

This procedure is visible to incorporate a steel spool that spins downward until it may come free or clip onto a detachable lock.

Hydro Jets

Another technique for cleaning pipes is the hydro-jet, which uses a special hose that pushes water under high pressure through the household plumbing fixture.

In the hydro jet process, our plumber at dig out West Linn inserts a digital camera into the pipes to look for damage, which could be made worse by the high-powered cleaning process.

Then our plumbers insert the pipe into the drain, usually through a cleaning. Then the hose is connected to a pressurized water tank. Once the water arrives, the hose travels down the drain and cleans the inside of the hose.