Reasons for Clogging in Bathtubs and Showers

The clogged drains in the shower and bathtubs can give you a lot of problems. It is because there are lots of things that can block the drains.

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There are various reasons for clog drain in bathtub Wilsonville.


When your hairs combine with soap and dirt, it forms a clog which is very hard to remove. In addition, these got stuck on the side of the pipelines.


When the dirt builds up, they cause lots of problems. For example, bathing in a bathtub and shower causes this dirt to go through the pipelines.


Bathing will take all the dirt and debris in your body and go down the pipes. These accumulate over time and lead to clogs in the pipelines.


Stoppers can also cause clogging. When not appropriately fitted or stuck in a closed or semi-closed position, Stoppers can restrict the free flow of water in the drainage system.

Soap Scum

The soap bars primarily contain grease and fat. These form a hard residue when it comes into contact with hard water minerals. The residues, thus formed, block the pipeline and become hard to remove.

We can find the same clogs in the clogged drain shower in Wilsonville. Though we cannot avoid the clogs, we can take various measures to minimize them.