List of Tools Using by Professional Drain Cleaner in Wilsonville

The tool list of plumbers is quite long, and they need to master the tools with expertise to properly implement them in their profession.

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List of Tools They Use

The professional drain cleaner Wilsonville has expertise in various tools.


There is an extensive list of wrenches the plumbers use for their plumbing works. Pipe wrenches are of the largest wrenches and help the plumbers tighten the nuts, loosen the nuts, and for multiple fittings in the plumbing pipes. Other kinds of wrenches used by plumbers are basin wrenches, standard wrenches, and many more.


For pipe works, the tools mainly used by the plumbers are a hacksaw, pliers, cutters, and many more. Of course, they also have a plumbers’ torch.

Clearing Clogs

It is one of the essential tasks of the plumbers. Therefore, they also have an extensive list of equipment for this purpose. The drain augers are the first ones that come to the mind of plumbers for clearing tough clogs. Nowadays, the plumbers use hydro-jets, which produce both clearing and scouring action.


For safety against various dangerous substances and gasses, the plumbers need to use a lot of safety tools. Some of the tools are goggles, glasses, and heat shields. The best drain cleaners in Wilsonville uses various tools and with great expertise.